What are texture paints by Macoavell? There are three types of finishes; Vellma, Vellpas and Vellcco. Vellma creates gloss-polished finish. Vellplas is Matte Marmorino and lastly Vellcco has semi rough surface with bold texture. Texture paints is certainly no stranger to us as it is frequently used in many places such as retails shop, cafes, restaurants and etc. It can be used on walls and ceiling, no matter indoor or outdoor depending on type of plaster you pick. The materials are soft and smooth to apply. As you may already know, all Macoavell products are made of premium lime. When someone mentions about lime, it is an absolutely wrong to think that lime that is often be used as building material is old-fashioned and outdated. In reality, lime is one of the best substances you could ever ask for. Here, we give a big applause to Macoavell on their creativity and continuing efforts to study on this substance and generate it into an upgraded material (decorative lime-based plaster) that is so versatile and so great to be used on different surfaces. Why choose texture paints over other paints wallpapers, tiles and
marbles? If you’re considering to use texture paints in any of your renovations, do not forget all the advantages that go along with it:

Textured paints help to create impression of three-dimensional surface as you could see lights on top coat and shadows underneath resulting it the best choice to deal with wall with flaws. With Venetian plaster, you can hide any wall damage easily. Instead of wasting large amount of money to make your wall a perfect one, textured paints offer you a expedient, inexpensive and easier way to handle the problem. Do not underestimate the power of lime-based plaster!

Many trainings and workshops are consistently been held by Macoavell to teach people all the in and out of using textured paints. During the workshops, people can explore every creative idea of texture design to personalise their own texture wall. To support their idea, Macoavell is willing to answer any questions they have regarding the designs. Our team is devoted to deliver the finest possible service and more than happy to show you any trim for your own unique renovation works. The design can be stunning as user can play with two tones. They can also create different patterns.

Feel the finish, it’s cold. Trust me, you will be surprised of how comfortable it is to be touched on due to its ability to absorb water. Not
only did it enhance the beauty level of a wall, but also making sure the environment stays cool. If you’re wondering how it works, this is the way. When the humid level of environment drops, moisture in the paint will escape back to our environment to maintain indoor air humidity. It is always a right choice to pick decorative lime-based plaster so that your indoor comfort level is guaranteed. Breathability of this plaster is also one of the reasons why interior designers love to use them in bathrooms. Texture paints help to create a healthier and more pleasant living and working space.

This is due to characteristic of substance in texture paints. The elevated pH of the lime is similar as fungicide meaning there will be no growth of mould on your plastered wall or on nearby wood due to its high PH. It curbs mould to be thrived on and make sure you to have a clean wall even after years.

Lime is an extremely durable substance therefore it is still used until now. Compared to those made up of cement, lime is made of much finer and smaller particles enabling it to penetrate easily into the tiny spaces on the surfaces of walls. Therefore, it can bind the wall extremely well making it both strong and long lasting. The advantage it brings is less prone to cracking.

Since the plaster does not have strong chemicals, it is safe to be used! As it contains low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), it is environmentally friendly. This can be found in many paints but is very damaging to the environment because they are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. Also, take serious note that VOCs can be very dangerous for our health as it can cause long term adverse effects to our
body. It could lead to organ damages in the long term, example VOCs are detriment to our kidney, liver and so on. Thus, texture paints have always been the appealing choice for people who are concerned with the environment and health due to its ingredients!

With texture paints, you can create one whole masterpiece that is prefect without any crack, line and joint except in the cases where you intended it. Because, as we mentioned earlier; due to its size of particles, it binds very well with wall. Nowadays, many use plaster paints as an alternative to marble, wallpaper and tiles because we have people are tired of joints. Yes, we agree that it is old-fashioned, complex and eye tiring.

Textured walls are water resistant with protection of a layer of Vellwax. Therefore, all you need is just a damp cloth to clean the dusks away! Just clean it conveniently without worrying that the colour will fade away as they are very long-lasting!

If you wish to use texture paints at your projects, there’s nothing really holding you back with all the benefits they carry! “If not now, then when?”
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