Question: Can someone without any experience DIY a Venetian Plaster wall?

The answer is, it depends. If you can handle the basic trowel application, and follow the basic rules and with some help on the sanding machine, you can probably DIY your own Venetian Plaster wall.

 At MacoAvell, we understand that some might wanted to try to DIY and design their own wall and YES, We can definitely help in some way. INTRODUCING MacoAvell WORKSHOP, located in Bandar Parklands, Klang, Selangor. Here, we provide free hands on training for all people, from skill professionals or DIYers.

                       Waze: MacoAvell Distribution Center                    Address: 72, Jalan JED 4, Bandar Parklands, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

It is nearly impossible to learn every skills and knowledge about lime based plaster in one day or few hours, so we do encourage applicators with serious interest in texture walls can come in regularly (with appointment) to learn about all the different application methods to create unique, beautiful wall texture designs. Whereas for DIY people, we can teach you the basics of application in less than 2 hours – Once you have your hands on , you can decide if you want to do it yourself, or have professionals to do the job.

For contractors, professional painters, architects or interior designers, if you are looking for a particular texture designs which are not in our range, we are able to customade for you too. All we need is a clear photo of the texture design and we will make a 1′ x 1′ sample board for you, (FREE). you can arrange pickup or pay the shipping fees (Usually below RM10). sample service usually will take only 2 days or we can do it asap if it’s  urgent.

Basic Tools needed to do Venetian Plaster / Marmorino application:

1. MacoAvell Vellma

2. MacoAvell Vellwax Clear

3. 3M Marmorino Trowel

4. Clothes (For waxing/ polishing)

5. Sanding Machine and #3000 Grid Sandpaper (Optional)

6. Polishing Machine with lamb wool (Optional)

How many colours do MacoAvell Venetian Plaster have?

We have 20 Standard Colours but we are able to custom just any colours you want.

To schedule appointment for our free workshop, please call or whatsapp 0124847030, or email