Metallic Cera Wax can turn your wall into your favorite home ground is an opportunity that nobody wants to miss. When you have the choice of selecting your own tools and doing what you want for your own spaces, it means it’s time to get to work. If you want something unique, striking, and suitable for commercial space walls, the above-given design with its modern and smooth gold reflect is a great choice. 

With the exotic colors and textures, you can make your commercial space look more tasteful and interesting. If you are looking for a whole renovation, then the design mentioned is certainly can be something that you are looking for. The image is a flawless depiction of the exclusivity that you can give to your commercial walls. Initially, the wall was layered with MacoAvell’s Cream Vellplas Matte Marmorino venetian plaster then K Gold Vellwax metallic cera wax was used to give a smooth gold reflection that brings out amazing special effects.  

With MacoAvell’s Vellplas matte marmorino venetian plaster and Vellwax metallic cera wax products, you can choose from a wide range of selections to fulfill your imaginative and unique visions and bring your lackluster walls into a new light to enliven your spaces. MacoAvell offers you reliable, long-lasting, and latest products that you can use to enhance the integrity and beauty of every wall in your personal and commercial space. 

MacoAvell understand the texture trends, we believe that our products can let you design freely with not only few different tones of colours but also the desire texture finish using different kind of tools. Simple products that can make wonders, unlimited, types of finish for your home. For more application videos, visit You will learn the application process in the videos.

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