Elegant Wall texture is definitely a popular concept amongst the home decorators and the homeowners. Textures can be so attractive and useful that while making your walls look beautiful they can also cover the minutest of defects in the wall structuring, making them look like the part of the design. The main point is that once all the wall texturing is done, the final product looks a lot more fascinating and can change the whole outlook of your room. So if you are planning to change your room wall décor, MacoAvell is a great place where you can get any design you want including some of the best wall textures.  

 The image of the elegant wall texture showing above is a top example of modern rough texture showing a perfect blend of colors and a great reflect effect. This wall has been designed with multiple cera wax effect which has brought out the brilliant end result for everyone to see. First, the wall was coated with Matt Venetian Plaster Color #5 Industrial cement and then it was covered with multiple metalic cera wax. First it was covered with Navy Blue overlay, next it was Translucent Red, and finally, K Gold crystal overlay was used to create a great special effect. Once everything settled nicely, Tuscany Gold metallic wax was used for final finishing, giving you a pleasing combination of something exclusive and elegant.  

MacoAvell understand the texture trends, we believe that our products can let you design freely with not only few different tones of colours but also the desire texture finish using different kind of tools. Simple products that can make wonders, unlimited, types of finish for your home. For more application videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/macoavell. You will learn the application process in the videos.

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