“VELLWAX CLEAR: The ideal protection for plaster and furniture, Cera Clear Wax provides a water-resistant layer with one easy application. Repelling water and protecting against dirt and impurities, the transparent layer seals the surface it is applied to, providing a polished finish for a lustrous look.
Easy to apply with a sponge or cloth, it dries to an opaque finish, but can be buffed to acquire the level of sheen desired. Perfect for use with our range of decorative plasters, it is also useful for a variety of surfaces, offering cost-effective, simple and durable protection.

Protect, seal and polish your plaster surfaces while adding a metallic sheen to the finish. Our easily applied metallic wax is water resistant, forming a protective layer on the surface. Keeping out moisture and other impurities, this wax also contains a faux metallic tint that adds an extra sparkle to the final appearance.
Applied with a cloth or sponge in the same, simple way as Cera Clear Wax, it dries to an opaque finish. This finish can be buffed to a higher sheen, which accentuates the metallic effect. More than one metallic colour can be applied to a single surface to create unique effects that deliver exceptional possibilities for any interior. “