Lighting is one of the most important features at your home. With the correct lighting, it can instantly enhance the feel of a texture wall at your space. As such, it’s important to take into account type of lighting of the area you’re applying lime plaster. Today, we will be examining the interplay of natural light, artificial light and lime-based plaster for the proper presentation of your decorative texture wall.

Plaster colour alone can’t make a room appears brighter. It’s a common misunderstanding that using a plain white or lighter colour will lighten up your working space or living space. But the reality is your room will only appear gloomy if you do not pair it up with lights. Therefore, the relationship of your texture wall with light is crucial.

Lightings are the KEY to decorative wall textural effects Natural lights – SUN

Take advantage of the natural light and let your room be bathed in light. Natural light plays an essential part to make your wall texture patterns look more visible and noticeable. They all appear the moment you add lights to the room. Not only will it enhance the vibrancy of textures in the
wall, but also bring a vibe of lightness and stillness in the space.

Embrace the sun for a beautiful wall; It is always good to have many windows to let the lights cast in, creating shadows that become almost decorative and affect the way that texture appears on your texture finish as the day progresses. Your plastered wall will be the most dazzling and eye-catching piece of focal point when it is being sun-kissed.

Observe direction of sunlight at your location as it can affect the how lights shed in your space. Example, you might get a lot of lights in one wall but not as much lights in opposite wall at the same space due to the direction of lights comes from. This is important as lights may affect how your plaster colour looks on a wall and your colour options.

Also, how much lights and when you get lights each day is pretty much depending on your location. For example, if you’re living in a north facing room, you get very limited lights. South facing rooms, however get sunlights the entire day. For those living in West facing rooms, they don’t get much morning light. On the contrary, east facing rooms have the opposite experience of west facing rooms.

This is the reason why artificial lights are important. Artificial lights come in to play during those hours when your room isn’t getting much natural
lights. By using the right artificial lighting, you can enhance the wall textures at any time of day, regardless of natural light exposure.

Artificial Lightings

What makes lime-based plaster finishes special is that the various shades and hues in the plaster will seemingly change depending on the
light that shines on it. As the lighting changes, it pulls textures out and add more complexity on the texture wall. Especially if you have applied different colour of plasters, lights help to highlight them perfectly, becoming more vividly. Best artificial lightings to illuminate your texture finish are track lights, down lights and etc. These are the best lightings to bring glows which are so concentrating, warm, calm and peace. It lights up the area to create a beautiful reflection on the wall.

With help of artificial lightings, it will be a whole changing game – changes the entire ambience of environment, enhancing the beauty of a space. This is can make your texture wall looks more outstanding and astonishing. You will be so surprised of how lightings affect your texture wall! Below are two more examples of the ‘before and after’.

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