Tempting to dive right into the application process to create your own decorative texture wall? Is it just as simple as heading over to local hardware stores and get appropriate tools and you’re ready to go? Application of lime-plaster is a popular do-it-yourself task because it doesn’t need much expertise as required for wiring electricity or installing tiles. While it’s might be a fun process and cheap to start with, but one has to realise plastering yourself may also be an endeavour that requires a great deal of time and some skill. Therefore, some prefer to hire professional painter instead.

Just like everything, DIY and hiring expert painter carry pros and cons, too. Therefore, it great to know what are considerations when making decision to apply lime-plaster yourself (DIY) or hire an expert painter.

Is it worth trying DIY? What are the considerations?

  1. Cost

Cost of applying plaster yourself can save you a lot of money as it is fairly cheap. Biggest part of your cost that would be incurred is lime-based plaster itself. Other expenses are for trowel, masking tape and etc.

In comparison, a professional painter can be pretty expensive. It’s far pricier than doing the project yourself due to cost of labour. Cost of painters varies based on the size of your wall, the condition of your walls, the type of finish you wish to achieve and type of lime-plasters. Hiring painters are not cheap because they have the skills and knowledge to execute a perfect texture finish all time.

2. Conveniency and time

Applying lime-plaster yourself is very convenient sometimes, because you can do it any time any day without having to make appointment with painters in advance. This also means that you don’t have to let any stranger into your home, which is desirable for some people who doesn’t like to deal with unknown people.

But it can be very tiring and quite time consuming to apply lime-based plaster by your own. The need for patience starts with the preparations and continues all the way to cleanup jobs. It’s true that a standard application job can take up hours or even days to complete, so hiring a painter saves you hours or days’ worth of hard labour. And, normally it takes you twice as much time to apply as compared to professionals.

3. Control over the process With

With DIY, you have precise control of how the job is done and when. You decide exactly how you want the textural effects to be. You can also take your time to select texture design. Because if you hire a professional painter, you would have to decide upfront what textures you would like. With DIY, you can easily change your texture designs even at very last minute.

The benefit of hiring a professional painter is that they have the necessary expertise in treating different wall surfaces. Very often, DIY painters think it is alright to go for application job right away, ignoring wall checking step. They overlook the effects of fixing wall problems in advance due to lack of experience. Hiring professional painter can avoid this kind of problems because painters can help to discover if anything is out of ordinary. Expert painters are experienced in treating various wall conditions and know exactly how to cure them in order for lime-plaster to be adhered on the wall properly.

4. Professional look

Unless you’re an expert DIY painter, the result may not be as neat and clean as the job done by professional painters because experts often force themselves on accuracy to avoid mistakes. But as we mentioned many times, greatest part of decorative texture walls is, its beauty is never restricted on zero-mistake because every mistake you do, can lead to the most unique and extraordinary piece that you will be most proud of.

5. Safety

DIY may have safety problems because to reach high ceiling, you may need to climb ladder, risking yourself to fall down accidentally. Accidents are rare, but they do happen. When you hire a professional, you are safe to avoid injury from happening.

DIY or hiring expert painters? At Macoavell we encourage our customers to try both DIY and hiring painters because each carry different pros which are so distinct. Macoavell provides free consultations to our customers on choosing texture designs, texture colours and wall surface handling skill for your better DIY experiences to create your dream result! Simply book your time and come to our showroom. Or, if you wish to hire professional painters for the application job, whether small job like painting a home interior or a large commercial painting project, Macoavell has become well known for providing high quality application services to create excellent texture finish.

Want to know more about Macoavell decorative lime-based plaster? Do not hesitate to contact us, MACOAVELL is always here and ready to assist you! For company training, you may schedule an appointment with us through an email at info@macoavell.com.my or fill up a form here: https://www.macoavell.com.my/marmorino-training