vellplas cement effect

Create a refined and modern style

Enjoy the refined modern industrial textural effect of polished concrete. Make a statement in your home on interior walls in the living room, bedroom, or study.

The raw, industrial-inspired beauty of concrete can be easily achieved in your home with MacoAvell VELLPLAS which creates the rich textural look of Matte finish concrete.

Living in a concrete home is highly sought after these days. The cool look makes a solid backdrop for ‘gram-worthy pics, plus there’s a certain amount of street cred that comes with living in an unfinished space.

The added texture far exceeds what any luxury paint color can achieve, similar to the effect of Venetian Plaster or VELLMA. The look is both soft and contemporary, works well in urban environments, and is still livable. It’s unique every time, and in this example we’re emphasizing a linear quality.

Playing with different color tones.

You can also apply few different tones of VELLPLAS to enhance the color of the texture wall. Normally we will play with three colors which is white (VP00, a light tone and a darker tone) Always apply the light tone first in a thin layer first, then add in the white and the darker tone to create the effect you wish to achieve.