Macoavell is set to introduce a new rewards system where Macoavell professionals are rewarded for their achievements. Your star rating is according to how much points you have collected.

One of the reasons why people love Macoavell is that we constantly appreciate the contributions and hardworks of all Macoavell professionals out there. For many times, we have a thought of doing some moves for your proper recognition. This time, we have decided not to step back. We are excited to announce that we will soon to be launching a whole new reward programme – you get rewards for what you are already doing and get extra rewards for what you can do.

Once you’re enrolled in our programme, there are certain ways to gain your points. At the moment, you can gain 5 points by submitting a completed project, participating in the basic test, subscribing Macoavell YouTube channel, doing a Google review, getting customer to review on Macoavell on your own fb page or hashtag #macoavellpro at every of your completed project.

To earn double the points, simply participate in Macoavell advance test and when the friend you recommended be awarded with one star. Further, beyond the simple fact that using Vellma, Vellplas, Vellco in any of your client project in ordinary course of works, you may get awards by doing so! This will entitle you with 8 points when you use Vellplas and 15 points where Vellma or Vellcco is used. That way, you will be racking up the points earned.

Joining Macoavell star programme means unlocking access to our exclusive rewards. There are 3 star ratings in total means you will get 1 star when you collect more than 30 points, then be upgraded to 2 stars when collecting more than 100 points. Top will be 3 stars professional where you collect 300 points and more.

There are tons of attractive rewards that we have prepared for all the star Macoavell professionals. These includes: cash vouchers, personalised and limited t-shirt, chance to be featured in Macoavell Website certified applicator list and recommendation for residential/ commercial projects across Malaysia.

In particular, we will talk about how unique the reward of personalized t-shirt is. This is one special and personalized premium sporting T-shirt that should own by you. It is limited edition and comes with personalized embroidery name and your star rating! Therefore, it’s one custom piece that is so great to showcase to people of your professionalism. Best of all, these are comfortable and soft. Start earning your point instantly!

Getting started is easy This programme is not only open to our existing Macoavell professionals, all of
you are welcomed to join us – Macoavell team. Earn your points and be awarded of Stars in one easy step! simply fill up a registration form at the link below!

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