We would like to make it as simple as possible, yet it can be as complicated as an artist like. This is best describe MacoAvell, we only produce 3 different plasters (Gloss, Matte and Rough) and wax (clear, black and metallic). That’s it, you can create a simple wall with standard two coats with wax. Or, one can try to become an artist to explore the magic of your own creation. At MacoAvell, we believe that as long as a wall is evenly applied, no matter how the application methods are, it will look beautiful.

We will regularly update our youtube channel with different application methods, you can subscribe to our youtube channel here: http://youtube.com/macoavell

All you need to know are the basic element of these few products so that you know how to play with them. Their drying time, thickness, texture, working time, colours outcome. For example, Vellma Venetian plaster, you need to know when is the time to burnish, what will happen if you add metallic gold wax on top. Same as Vellcco and Vellplas.

Luckily, MacoAvell give out free training for all, we have dealers all over Malaysia. If you want to schedule an appointment for your company training, just email us at info@macoavell.com or fill up the form here: https://www.macoavell.com.my/marmorino-training/

We welcome you all to MacoAvell family – Design for Architectures

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