When it comes to wall texture modern rough paint designs, things can vary a lot. The textures can be everything from understated and creative effects to unassuming and elaborate, to something that is more eye-catching to become an exclusive work of art.  

 It is human tendency to get bored and getting bored of the same time-worn walls of your home is nothing new. The best way to solve this dilemma is to transform your old walls into something fresh and unique that will break you out of your monotonous outlook. You can start with choosing from the huge MacoAvell collection of textured walls designs that will definitely add some character to your home décor. MacoAvell delivers with some of the superlative and most inimitable assortment of textures that are very much capable of enhancing your home living experience.  

 The MacoAvell wall design shown above in the picture is one of the unique designs. It was first coated with Cadet Blue Vellplas Matte Marmorino, and after the plaster dried, the Vellwax Metallic Cera Wax of Tuscany Gold https://www.macoavell.com.my/vellwax-metallic/ were used to give the wall an appealing and dynamic appearance. This design is very pleasing to the eyes and is surely going to add a subtle beauty to your room. Overall, in this modern rough texture wall design, you will get a very pleasant result that will also add a subtle beauty to your room. 

MacoAvell understand the texture trends, we believe that our products can let you design freely with not only few different tones of colours but also the desire texture finish using different kind of tools. Simple products that can make wonders, unlimited, types of finish for your home. For more application videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/macoavell. You will learn the application process in the videos.

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