MacoAvell products are so easy to use, there are always more ways to create your unique masterpiece. Understanding MacoAvell is easy,

Vellma (GLOSS) , Vellplas (MATTE) , Vellcco (ROUGH)

Finish with Vellwax (Clear, Black or Metallics)

You will need to understand the basic characteristics of the products, like the drying time, application thickness, the texture outcome. With minimum training which we provide free from time to time, I am sure you can master it very fast.

Vellma is popular for creating Venetian Plaster, Polished plaster or marble effect.

Vellplas is mostly for those who prefer to have more quiet, calm, cozy design which is matte or satin finish

Vellcco is rough texture which can create raw industrial design, or deep texture finish.


Vellcco with Black & Tuscany Gold Wax