Years after years, to keep things fresh and interesting, there are always changes in trends of interior design. Therefore, knowing different sets of interior design styles is important to ensure that you pick the perfect style for your space. It helps to achieve visual perfection with less hassle. To keep up with the trend, it is proper to take a look at various trends for your makeover project or renovation. In today’s post, we will share with you the information about industrial interior design and guidance to achieve this look. For other design styles, kindly stay tuned for our next article.

This kind of design no doubt is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is one of the most requested styles in 21st century. The five main elements of that we can find in industrial design are wood, metal, brick, leather and concrete. But in practice, it can be difficult and challenging to create such rustic industrial that brings relaxed kind of vibe.

Its popularity no longer restricted to hipster communities. Lately, this style can also be observed in modern residential to spruce up minimalist interiors. Industrial designs are the current top favourite in residential areas. If you’re looking for guidance on creating industrial look at home, continue to read.

#1 Texture paint is the key

Decorative lime-based plaster is definitely the most important easy item to create an effortless cool and low maintenance industrial style living space. Texture paints are neither cement nor bricks but you can easily create concrete look-like effects and bricks effects on your wall with this kind of paints! Already moved in a new house but feel like the wall is too plain and too empty? Simply utilise lime-based plaster by Macoavell to instantly brings some textures and colours to it. We assured that is no other better ways than this!

Many will soon to realise a shift from usage of manmade materials to natural materials at one’s home. More homeowners are preferred to choose natural materials like limestone for a more environmentally conscious space and unique look.

Use lime-based plaster to create an industrial-style space that is warm. Blue

Blue undertone cement look-like wall created by lime-based plaster is effective to bring more cosy feels to the entire indoor environment.

Industrial vibe showering place!

Raw cement used to be a trend to bring industrial feel. But now, people moved away from cement and use decorative plaster as their alternative because lime-based texture walls are much less likely to crack.

To achieve modern rustic industrial-style, people is also highly encouraged to make a real feature of brick walls. Exposed brick wall helps to achieve eye-catching, raw and strong industrial style. However, real bricks can be quite porous. If they are to be exposed to moisture, there is a risk that after a period of time they may potentially deteriorates. Plastering therefore, is a very popular alternative as it does not pose the aforementioned problems. As you can see in the above image, the effect just looks authentic like the real one!

#2 Add industrial style lighting

Every interior design style has its own pairable lighting options. When you look for industrial style lightings you will be able to find plenty of choices too. But there is one thing that makes industrial design so unique – its ability to transform the simplest light bulbs into statement lighting! Currently, because this style has become so popular, you will have no difficulty to find such lights
in the market.

The shapes of the bulbs itself are the important choice to be decided on: thin, large, small or big. Pick one that suit your personal taste!

A good lighting plays an important role as it can make your texture walls looking more outstanding!

#3 Last but not least, finish it up with suitable furniture and deco

Furnitures and decorations are always a must to set your style. Decorations are equally important to bring a personality to an interior. There’s no different in rustic industrial style.

Pillows, artworks, photo frames and other decorative items can help to complete your colour palette and adjust the overall vibe by bringing in more of a rustic touch with more modern vibe.

It’s easy to find any industrial-themed accessory in home decorations stores example industrial pipes, metal bike and copper photo frames.

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