Do you know what it means when we mentioning about ‘minimalism’? It simply means ‘less is more’. Minimalist style in interior design is based on the idea of less of details means more of comfort. Therefore, it requires everything in the room be nice and practical at the same time. Minimalism is a style that makes a home feeling open, clean and fresh. But there are actually many other ways to achieve this style. You are not only limited to choosing simple, boring or cheap furniture and decorations.

Here, we will start off with sharing some inspiration to you. We have put together the materials and colour palettes of texture wall in one design board in order for you to get the feeling of the minimalist styles. Below are the looks of some minimalist home interiors that we have created.

Design board #1

combination of different decorations, materials and Macoavell Vellpas [matte]: VP02/ VP05

Design board #2

Combination of different decorations, materials and Macoavell Vellma [gloss]: VM06/ VM03/ VM02

Design board #3

Combination of different decorations, materials and Macoavell Vellcco [rough] : SC02 / SC01

Design board #4

Combination of different decorations, materials and Macoavell texture walls.

We guess you have got the feeling and vibe about minimalism from the above palettes. Generally, to achieve this look, there are a few points that you must take note of. Remember minimalist is a about a cold living or working space, we have to make use of different elements to create clean, inviting and cosy space!



Macoavell lime-based plaster should be your first choice if you’re finding the right paint for your minimalist home. It’s not normal paint or wallpaper, it’s texture paints that is gaining popularity all this while. Above design boards showing various texture paints by macoavell. Macoavell has three different types of plasters: Vellma, Vellpas and Vellcco. Each has own different finish. Vellma creates gloss-polished finish. Vellplas is Matte Marmorino whilst Vellcco has semi rough surface with bold textures.

They are available in different colours but we highly suggest neutrals selections for minimalist design as shown in the design palette above. This is because it will reflect lights properly and prevent your space from feeling dark and shadowy. To create a little pop in the space, you may add on some accent colour by layering the wall with some wax for equally cosy and inviting feeling. Colour plays an important role in minimalist home. White should not be your only option!

2. Pair up with marble or rose gold decorations

Think about what marble or gold rose items can be bought to harmonise the colour palette. Choose a few items of simple, tiny and concise form. When you correctly select matching decorations, you get a room that is plenty of space, light, and air. Marble is a versatile item that make up of a comfort place but it’s not cheap to buy a large marble item. Therefore, it’s more affordable to have smaller marble accessories. These décor items can easily be found at any store, example marble mug and marble candleholder.

3. Use wood furniture

One key element of minimalist is highlighting simple, natural and organic items. Thus, nothing is more down-to-earth than a wooden furniture, examples: wooden small coffee table, wooden dining table or wooden side table. It leaves an impression of personal senses and communicates the appreciation of natural goods making a particularly eye-catching addition.

4. Brings in some greens

To live up a minimalist space, it is smart to add on some greenery, examples: dried florals that brings California-cool minimalism or pampas grass that brings airy and fluffy texture to the space. Plants help to add a small pop to the environment and clean the air indoor for more refreshing feeling. Never underestimate the importance of plants as it acts as a stunning focal point in the open living space.

5. Make use of the natural day lights

Take advantage of natural light! Use them if your living room, bedroom or working space has large windows. Installing some nice curtains and let the natural light to fill up your whole space. We guarantee that it will give your minimalist space a life! Just imagine yourself to be on grass letting you to be showered with sunlight. It is exactly the same feeling you will get when you have a large window at home. Windows are also essential to design a space in a small space, as the natural light will make your room feel larger and more open.

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