Macoavell 基本知识小测试

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What is MacoAvell Vellma? ( 请问什么是 Macoavell Vellma )
What is MacoAvell Vellplas? ( 请问什么是 Macoavell Vellplas ? )
What is MacoAvell Vellcco? ( 请问什么是 Macoavell Vellcco?)
When can be VELLMA burnish? ( 试幻想你在进行Vellma涂墙,请问几时适宜进行抛光? )
Can we add water to to the plaster during mixing? ( 在搅拌MACOAVELL艺术漆时可以加水吗? )
How to store opened-plaster? ( 请问该如何正确地储藏已开封了的艺术漆? )
Do we need to apply sealer before start plastering? ( 在涂墙前,需要先在墙壁抹上薄薄的密封层吗?)
How long will MacoAvell plaster can be store without opening? ( 请问从未开封过的Macoavell艺术漆的储藏时长是? )
What is MacoAvell decorative plaster made up of? ( MacoAvell装饰石膏由什么制成?)
Is MacoAvell lime-based plaster water resistant? ( MacoAvell石灰基石膏防水吗?)