Texture wall paint designs are a great way to bring some smartness and elegance to your modern smooth texture bedroom wall. When it comes to creating textures, there is no fixed book rule on how things should be done. Textures are all about creativity and taste. You can imagine hundreds of things and can do them in a variety of ways. MacoAvell is one such place where you will find a huge collection of texture paint designs which will not only soothe your senses but also take your room and home décor to a new level.  

 The picture mentioned above is a great example of smooth texture wall design showing how grace and distinctiveness can come together. The wall has been double coated with MacoAvell’s Vellplas Matte Marmorino Venetian Plaster with two different types. First, the wall was completely coated with Cadet Blue Matt Venetian Plaster and when it dried the wall was again coated with Mint Matt Venetian Plaster. It brought out a nice dual kind of effect on the wall. Finally, when Translucent Green Vellwax Cera Wax Metallic Wax was used for final finishing touch, it brought out the remarkable Green Mint effect on the wall, making it a forward-thinking design. It is important that a wall designer recognize all facets of a client’s needs and MacoAvell knows very well what their clients need and how to meet all their expectations.    

MacoAvell understand the texture trends, we believe that our products can let you design freely with not only few different tones of colours but also the desire texture finish using different kind of tools. Simple products that can make wonders, unlimited, types of finish for your home. For more application videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/macoavell. You will learn the application process in the videos.

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