As you are well aware, Macoavell decorative lime-based plaster has many different finishes: Vellma, Vellplas and Vellcco. Moreover, they are available in many colours. It is never an easy task to pick the right plaster colour. Picking the perfect one can be the daunting part because there are too many colours to choose from.

However, it could be easy once you learn the basic tips and rules on choosing the colours. Today, we will provide some guidance to you on picking texture paints like a pro. Once you master the rules, you will be surprised of how easy it is to find yourself a suitable lime-based plaster. Therefore, this guidance is to teach you step-by-step the right way of choosing plaster colours for any of your renovation or makeover projects.


First, stick to your favourite. Find colours that you are already in love with then use these as your guides and follow your own personal style. In any case where you love a colour but feel like it does not suit with your designing style, you may just have to try a lighter or darker shade.


Your inspiration can come from anywhere when you are choosing the right texture colour and design for a space, example you can search on the google images. Further, you may refer to different magazines and catalogs to get your decorating inspiration, in particular IKEA catalog that you can easily have accessed to. Paint company sites can be inspiring too as they frequently show you the proper way of picking right color in your home. Lastly, make use of your social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These are the classic examples of some great apps where you can get your colour inspiration from.


Next step is to think on the finish you want. A plaster finish is very much dependent on how much light a plaster surface reflects. Texture paint that reflects more light will be shinier while paint that reflects low light will make the surface looks smoother and flatter. Thus, when picking colour for you wall, you should make clear of how the type of finish will affect your living space. Like we mentioned before, Macoavell plasters are available in 3 types of finishes
*VELLCO (rough) -creates uneven and thick surfaces. Texture is more dynamic and has more depth.
* VELLPLAS (matte) – creates flat, smooth, lacking gloss complexion
* VELLMA (gloss) – also be known as Marmorino. It requires more prep works and sanding. It creates bright and shiny finish.


Colour theory is a body of practical guidance to colour mixing and the visual effcts of a specific colour combination. These are the guideline usually be used by designers. In short, it helps you to understand the relationship between colours. These offers the easiest way to visualize how one colour affects the other.


Always sample the lime-based texture paints that you are considering. Before you spend large amount of money on gallons of texture paints and hours to your works, you have to get the color right in the first place. Being able to see the colour in reality and feel the actual finish before purchasing are significant as the colour payoff from catalog or phone is not fully accurate. Therefore, MacoAvell is fond by many customers as they do provide samples (but limited) to people upon requests. These samples are fully customizable meaning you may choose any color, any finish and any pattern of the texture design according to own preferences. Further, do remember to sample to your texture design at all times of the day and night in order to get the most realistic view of your possible choices.


Do homework beforehand before you consider any plaster colour. Firstly, think about your room size as paint colours can affect the way we see one space. How big do you want the room to feel? Darker colours can make a room feel smaller and more cosy while lighter shades can make a room seem larger and brighter. Also, this will help to minimize waste as you know exactly how much paints you need to purchase.

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