Plastering the walls is never an easy task but it could be quite handy if you’re using decorative lime-based plasters from Macoavell due to its exceptional products formula. In comparison, Macoavell’s plasters are smoother and easier to apply on different surfaces. It is always the top choice for those who want to do the job by themself because it can create designs which are not only exceptional but also quite easy to apply on your walls. With the right equipment, plastering can be an exciting and effortless task. With MacoAvell wall texture coating, you can easily create great various textures, patterns, and colours on your dull walls.

MacoAvell offers three types of plasters, they are are: Vellma, Vellpas and Vellcco. Vellma creates gloss-polished finish. Vellplas is Matte Marmorino and lastly Vellcco has semi rough surface with bold texture. Today’s tutorial will be focusing on applying Macoavell Vellcco to create rough sponge effect. If you are planning to paint modern rough texture on your room walls, there are several stages and each stage plays an important part in achieving good results at the end. So today we’ve put together an easy guide to teach you step by step.



Pick one of your favourite colour as base coat. [Refer to our earlier article on ‘Tips for choosing your perfect plasters colours’ -link ] Here, we will be demonstrating using Vellcco SC01.


Apply reasonable amount of plaster on the side of trowel.


This is where you apply your base coat of plaster. Perfect one should be really thin layer. Little tips: apply at an angle of 45 degree. Repeating step of draging the trowel in a long motion, gradually flattening it to the wall as you go until you evenly cover the whole wall.Then, let it dry for 4 hours.

STEP 4 – 2nd layer

In our demonstration, we have used a different colour of Vellcco [SC02] to create textures by tapping it on the same wall using sea sponge. The secret to this is to use some firm pressure as you’re tapping throughout the wall. Then, leave it to dry again.

STEP 5 – 3rd layer

Here, using a different colour of Vellcco again [ here, we have used SC WHITE] to bring additional and more complex textures. Apply it on the wall using the same method in step 4. Then, let it dry for another 4 hours.

STEP 5 – burnishing

Finally, you can end your work by lightly burnish it using your trowel. This is where you can run the empty trowel with a firm pressure over the entire wall to finish. And you’re done! Or, you can add on another layer of wax do so that it’s water resistant.

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