There are 3 types of finishes that can be done by Macoavell plasters, they are: rough, gloss and matte finishes. Macoavell Vellma is to create gloss-polished finish. Macoavell Vellplas is for Matte Marmorino whilst Macoavell Vellcco is best to achieve semi rough surface with bold texture. In last article, we have discussed about methods to apply Vellcco for rough sponge effect [link]. So, for today’s article, we will move on to the discussion on how to apply Vellplas to create concrete effects.

Raw cement used to be a popular source to create concrete textures. But now, people constantly use decorative plaster as alternative because the final finish is less likely to crack. Another inviting point is because it’s a particularly easy material to maintain. Thus, an emerging trend for those who wanted to do concrete texture in their renovation work is that they prefer to use plaster. We believe lime-based plaster will be the next big thing in interior design.

Achieving concrete effect is easy with our self-manufactured lime-based plaster! Learn these simple steps in achieving good results at the end. At below, we’ve put together an easy guide to teach you step by step.



Place reasonable amount of plaster on the side of trowel. Here, we will use Vellplas VP02.

STEP 2 – First layer

Spread the plaster by using 45° strokes. Remember to press firmly and distribute the plaster as evenly as possible to smoothen out the surface. Then let the first layer dry for 4 hours before applying second layer.

STEP 3 – 2nd layer [ textures created ]

Then, take 2 other colours of Vellplas and place them side by side on the same trowel. [ plasters used in demonstration: Vellplas White / Vellplas VP01] Apply them on the same wall using vertical and horizontal strokes. Keep repeating this until you get all the textures done throughout the entire wall. Leave it to dry for another 4 hours.

STEP 4 – Apply Wax

Subsequently, prepare Macoavell Vellwax and apply it on the same wall using trowel.

STEP 5 – Wipe and polish wax

Ensure you wipe and polish off the wax right away. Thereby, you are able to remove the excess wax. Then, you’re done! Isn’t it easy?

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