Dual Tones Vellcco

Our Stucco is easy to apply, and because it is low odour, works well even in already occupied buildings, causing minimal disruption for exiting occupants. Safety is important too of course, and with 0% VOC and a formaldehyde free formula, our Stucco is designed for safe use in any interior space. 

Easy to apply and beautiful to look at, Stucco is a great material to create travertine effect,  gives a unique finish to any interior, bringing the timeless beauty of Italian pageantry to your next project. 

Various of colors available

Various of colors available

Application Method

Five kilogram (11 Lbs) covers up 60 – 80 sq. ft. on a smooth wall, significantly less on acoustical tile or rough surface. We do not recommend thinning down the plaster but if you wish to create other effect, thinning not more than 1 oz. (29.6ml mL) of water per 11 Lbs (5kg) of plaster.

Plaster only when surface and air temperatures are 50-90 °F (10-32 °C), wait 8 hours before recoating or 24 hours before applying MACOAVELL VELLWAX.