Vellplas matte marmorino venetian plaster able to make the best of available space making it look nice and pleasant, the most effective way is to decorate the place in the right way so that you won’t feel disorganized and out of your element. Wall décor is an important part of room decoration, and there are several ways to decorate your wall that you can’t even imagine. Wall design painting is certainly the most obvious ways to decorate the wall, but what if there are different ways to paint your wall like painting modern rough texture design.  

Wall textures can give a completely new life to your walls and the above-mentioned image of the wall design is an exceptional combination of various elements that have been used to create this design. At first, the wall was base coated with Vellplas Matte Marmorino Venetian Plaster in the shade of Purple Blue. When the plaster was dried and ready for further enhancement, a Vellwax Metallic Cera Wax of Rose Gold and a Vellwax Metallic Cera Wax of Emerald Green were used to create an unrivaled design with the best finishing. The end result was multiple reflect color of the wall.  

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