Vellplas with Two Tone Metallic Wax

Providing the simple application of a ready mixed coating with the subtle, luxurious design of a subtly textured matte finish, VELLPLAS Matte Marmorino delivers high-quality, superb design and exceptional value in one. Available in a range of colours, this easy to apply decorative plaster can produce endless shading, texture and patterning to suit any interior design. During installation, patterns and texture can be introduced, giving a unique look to any interior, with the matte finish giving a subtle and quality finish.   

Various of colors available

Various of colors available

Application Method


Five kilogram (11 Lbs) covers up 60 – 80 sq. ft. on a smooth wall, significantly less on acoustical tile or rough surface. We do not recommend thinning down the plaster but if you wish to create other effect, thinning not more than 1 oz. (29.6ml mL) of water per 11 Lbs (5kg) of plaster.

Plaster only when surface and air temperatures are 50-90 °F (10-32 °C), wait 8 hours before recoating or 24 hours before applying MACOAVELL VELLWAX.