Facts / Questions about Venetian Plaster.

What is Venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster is like a putty paste, but made out of lime and marble dust so that it can be burnished into high gloss / high sheen finish. A fine workmanship of Venetian Plaster finish will be smooth, flat and highly polished into marble like feel. You will feel cold when you touch it.

What is Venetian Plaster made of?

MacoAvell Vellma Venetian Plaster made from selected premium lime and marble dust from the high ground. One can easily addicted to the finish of Venetian Plaster, also called Marmorino, marble effect or polished plaster.

How to apply Venetian Plaster?

MacoAvell Venetian Plaster is ready mixed in paste form.  Before use, mix again with a mixer machine to make the material soft and smooth so that it is easy to apply. We recommend one to use a round edges stainless steel trowel.

1. Surface preparation- be sure the wall is free of dust and oil, sand off uneven surface.

2. Apply one layer of MacoAvell Vellma polished plaster. All Venetian Plaster should be apply in thin layers, just enough to make the wall flat and even. 

3. 1st layer will take around 4 hours to dry, depends on the humidity and condition. When dry, apply the 2nd layer with even thinner layer. Be careful as the 2nd layer will shows the texture depends on how you trowel the plaster. Make sure to apply them in an even manner.

4. Burnishing when the plaster is still wet- Burnish with a clean trowel when the plaster is at 50% dry. ( you can tell when some of the plaster turns white). Then burnish again when it’s 80% dry.

5. Leave it over night before you apply Vellwax- Clear. You can apply the wax by trowel or soft clothes. Polish the wall with soft cloth right away to extra sheen. If you let the wax totally dry, it will be hard to buff off. Try buffing with Car polishing machine for a better result.


More application: http://www.youtube.com/macoavell





MacoAvell Vellma has 18 standard colours, however we can custom any colors our customers need .

The Benefits of using Venetian Plaster:

  1. Low Maintenance- Easy to keep clean

  2. Durability – The longer the harder it gets.

  3. Versatility – Can apply to most surface.

  4. Environment Friendly – enhanced air quality against bacteria and fungus.

  5. Natural look – Very natural texture finish

  6. Cold – Feel the finish, it’s cold

  7. Absorbs CO2 -and become a stronger wall

  8. Design – The design can be stunning. You can play with two tones, metallic waxes and create different patterns.

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