There are two different kinds of wax in our cera wax range: clear cera wax and metallic cera wax, each brings its own distinctive effects to plaster finish. Vellwax Clear cera wax is a water-based paste wax which available in black or transparent. Likewise, Vellwax metallic cera wax is a water based metallic cera wax that can add decorative metallic glints to your plaster finish in just one step. It is available in 15 metallic colours. Macoavell Vellwax is best to use with Macoavell Vellma, Vellcco and Vellplas.

In short, Macoavell Vellwax is a specially formulated water-based wax to protect, seal and polish your plaster finish. They are in paste form which can be easily applied by soft cloth, sponges or trowel then can be buffed with soft cloth to increase the sheen. Drying time will take approximately 24 hours depending on the kind of substrate and its absorption rate.

Our metallic cera wax contains a faux metallic tint that can add an extra sparkle to the final appearance. It brings modern and metallic pigment to your plaster finish by adding a metallic sheen to make your wall the most dazzling one. This finish can also be buffed to a higher sheen, which accentuates the metallic effect that will change from different angles. Moreover, with the addition pigments, it can enhance the textures more, producing a variety of effects.

Our easily applied cera wax protects your plaster finish from finger marks, soft water damage and staining, forming a protective layer. With the protection, your plaster finish is water resistant thus it’s very easy to
be cleaned as all you need is just a damp cloth. You can even wipe it with mild soap solutions for light clean up without worrying that the colour will fade away.

Play with the colour

Macoavell Metallic cera wax can fulfil your imaginative and creative visions because they are available in many different colours. It can bring new lights to your dull walls to enliven your dowdy spaces. It helps to add more textures to your plaster achieving a multicolour design. More than one metallic colour can be applied to a single surface to create unique effects. Pairing colours is a fascinating experience in creating your- own-kind-of wall because with each new colour partner, there will come out with a new colour identity to create exceptional possibilities for any interior.

Do not restrict yourself to convention because rules are meant to be broken. Try playing with different colour of cera wax for an unexpected combination! You can even layer the wax up to 3 tones.

Below is our demostration on double tones wax

STEP 1 : Apply 2 layers of Macoavell plaster on your wall. Here, we are using Vellplas- Matte marmorino.

Step 2 – After approximately 4 hours of drying time, you can now apply Macoavell metallic cera wax in any colour you want to create the first colour tone (wax used in picture: translucent blue). You can apply by either trowel, cloth or sponge. Then, wipe off the wax right away using dry and clean cloth to buff off the excess wax.

Step 3 – To achieve double wax tone, add on different colour of Macoavell cera wax to layering the textures and colours up (wax used in demonstration: translucent green). Then, similar to step 2, buff off the excess wax straightaway.

Finally, this is how the end result looks like after 2 layers of wax! Enriching effect of this colour combination is truly fascinating isn’t it?

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