What is vellcco? Texturize effect walls are all about the beautiful use of immaculate colors as well as the use of beautiful patterns in addition. This beautiful combination gives a very refined look to your room décor of literally any type. The feeling of having a designer wall in your space is so amazing, it will make you fall in love with it. MacoAvell is a world leader when it comes to texturized walls and the range they offer is diverse and suited for any type of interior setup.

So, what is Vellcco? The above design is generated by first applying a single base coat of Macoavell Stucco for travertine effect. Top generate the impressive pattern, we must make use of a tool called a Travertine Tool which gives out clean texture patterns as seen in the picture.

The process is then finished with the application of a layer of Macoavell Crystal Overlay Fire Gold 334i which is then topped off with a single layer of MacoAvell Metallic Cera wax Copper Gold W5300.

MacoAvell understand the texture trends, we believe that our products can let you design freely with not only few different tones of colours but also the desire texture finish using different kind of tools. Simple products that can make wonders, unlimited, types of finish for your home. For more application videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/macoavell. You will learn the application process in the videos.

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