Just like no two people are alike, every company is unique, with its own personality or company culture. There are several factors making Macoavell standout from other competitors in the industry of lime-based plasters in Malaysia. Below we will explain what makes Macoavell so different and unique.


We develop and manufacture own products❞ Macoavell is a company that was founded in 2001 and specialist in manufacturing quality decorative plaster, wax and metallic paints. Yes, you did not hear it wrongly! Macoavell is the first ever local manufacturer of decorative plaster in Malaysia!

Macoavell’s company vision has always been very simple, we focus on producing innovative, sustainable, high quality and finest products that meet your needs. But we did not just stop there because we are keen to improve our products to a better and better quality when we have the control of quality. This can be contributed to the continuous efforts of Macoavell team to connect with the customers for thousands of customer feedbacks then distils them to into strong consumer approved

products! Macoavell is also looking forward to introduce new, innovative products to the range in the future. Recognition of quality in our products by consumers is the best proof that moon in foreign country is not rounder. Speaking about the materials of products itself, due to the ingredients we have picked and used in production, our lime-based plaster is much versatile compared to other brands as it can be applied on various surfaces, including exterior walls. Our lime-based plaster is smoother and softer so it is easier to be applied and requires lesser steps. Further, what is greater that the fact that our plaster colours are not fixed? As we did not import our lime-based plaster and we are our own manufacturer, we can easily satisfy your changing needs on colour options.

Macoavell plaster is much affordable. We are not only competing on the value, but also the price.

While we are ambitious to give our best to consumer, other than the simple reason of producing the best quality of lime-based plasters, we produce because we want it to be affordable for you! Before we came out with our range of products, we were well aware that the prices of available plasters in the market at that time were high due to the cost of importation taxes and fees. Thus, we worked on the production to produce our own Malaysia lime-based plaster that meet the high standard. We succeed in lower down the cost without compromising on the products quality.

‘We export instead of import’ Unlike other local brands, we do not import but we export.

Now, Macoavell exports its products to many different countries such as US, India, Philippines, Indonesia and so on. In that, we are pleased that Macoavell has gained its brand awareness and international recognition. In the nearest future, we target to work with more foreign companies. Speaking about export, Alan Yew said, “We are both proud and excited to launch such an innovative range of products which are capable to compete with both Europe and United States brands. It has been a long journey to get to this position, with the entire team here at Macoavell contributing with hard work, enthusiasm and attention to detail every step of the way.”

We give you excellent service We recognize the importance of creating value for their customers in form of experiences.

Offering products alone is not enough; Macoavellprovides our customers with satisfactory experience and service. Therefore, we base our service on excellent model where you will get a handling staff meaning one of the staffs will know you personally, understand your needs and follow up your case. They are always ready to help you without you having the hassle of looking for other staffs and re-explaining your problems. Moreover, with over 50 dealers across Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak, MacoAvell is well prepared to serve properly all customers across Malaysia.

Want to know more about Macoavell decorative lime-based plaster? Do not hesitate to contact us, MACOAVELL is always here and ready to assist you! For company training, you may schedule an appointment with us through an email at info@macoavell.com.my or fill up a form here: https://www.macoavell.com.my/marmorino-training/