Buying high-quality lime-based plaster right from the beginning is the best option for an ideal finished project. It’s important that you buy them from reputable company when you’re planning for a makeover project so that the quality is being assured.

High-quality plaster is generally easier to work with as it is not too sticky, resulting it easier to be applied on the wall due to the plaster consistency. You can tell one plaster is not as high quality when they coagulate and poorly spread on the wall. Consequently, high quality plaster will save you a lot of time because it helps to achieve a very even coating without much efforts. A very thin layer is sufficient to cover up the entire wall. You only need another thin layer for textural effect in achieving a desirable finish.

Another reason you should get high-quality lime-plasters is because they are more user friendly. High quality one usually has low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which releases minimal odour and relatively less harmful to human and environment. That is especially important if you have children and pets at home. Since it is low VOCs, you are safe to work with it because it poses very little risk to health problems.

It’s important to go for high quality plaster because high-quality paints are generally manufactured by those companies that offer the best customer services. Just like Macoavell, they are very passionate about their clients and the high-quality service that they provide to customers. They always standby to help because whenever you have a specific project, you can easily provide their staffs the details and they are prepared to guide you to the appropriate options. All the consultations and workshops are free of charge. This can help prevent any unnecessary step and wrong products so you don’t waste your money.

You might think average quality plaster and high-quality plaster are virtually the same, but it’s wrong to think so! Because poor quality lime-plaster will potentially cause you spending more without help from experienced helping hand and risk of re-do due to the poor texture finish. You should never compromise on lime-based plaster quality!

Why Macoavell never and won’t compromise on our products quality

As Venetian plaster has become a more popular choice for wall finishes, Macoavell has sprouted it up to meet the new demand by offering a variety of new finishes and applications. Now, there are 3 types of finishes that can be done by Macoavell plasters, they are: rough, gloss and matte finishes. Macoavell Vellma is to create gloss-polished and marble-like finish, almost identical with Venetian plaster. Macoavell Vellplas is for Matte Marmorino while Macoavell Vellcco is stucco-based plaster, best to achieve semi rough surface with bold texture.

Macoavell is a reputable local manufacturer focusing on manufacturing high-quality lime products for guaranteed durability and quality of the final application job. We believe that quality products will boost consumer trust in order to gain consumer confidence and loyalty.

Quality control is thereby very crucial and have be taken very seriously for continual quality assurance. Macoavell does not choose ‘anything for easy life’. Macoavell promise that we would not just stop there. We listen to wants of consumers and make adjustments. Your input and feedback are important for our company to grow.

It has been proved again and again that companies that produce high-quality products will minimize customers and complaints. As such, spending more time and money in perfecting a product is our goal and what we have been constantly doing for consumer satisfaction.

We value our customer, there’s no way for us to compromise on the quality

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